3 Things To Consider Before Having Kids

In today’s time, it seems to be more common for people to have children in their early 20’s or even earlier than it did 20 years ago.

I myself, even at 23 years old, am not planning on having any children any time soon for various reasons. And would encourage anyone considering having children to really evaluate the situation. And make sure they are ready to take on such responsibilities.

Having Kids

1. Timing

Having a child is a big responsibility is and should in no way be taken lightly. Before having children, the most important thing to consider when deciding to have children. And making sure you are prepared to be responsible for another life. The most common mistake I see with younger people having kids is that they have not yet established themselves first, so the child is forced to live a life without certain comforts that most children have from parents who wait.

Having a child costs money and should be considered after accomplishing certain goals such as obtaining a degree or getting started in a career, because it is very difficult to care for a child while working a full time job and going to school.

2. Responsibility

As I mentioned before, having a child is a huge responsibility. Today it seems like children are raising children, which pretty much means that young adults without actual life experience are trying to grow up too fast. I think life experience and knowing how to deal with certain situations is important to learn before having children, because regardless of who you are, at some point things will come up that will be much easier to deal with if there is not a child involved.

Even in marriage, I believe it is important for the couple to really spend time with each other and get to know one another for a strong and healthy relationship, making a better environment for a child. One of the main causes for divorce is couples having children in the first year of marriage, or even before marriage, because they haven’t really gotten to know each other all that well and they finally realize their life together wont work.

It is also important to make sure both parties are ready for a children because it does cost time and money, and often involves sacrificing certain freedoms you had before.

3. Money

After having children, your finances generally tend to be thrown in the direction of the child. After spending money on basic things such as diapers, clothes, food, and toys, other things like babysitters and upgrading your home are a must. In most cases, in order to spend alone time with a spouse in an occasion such as a romantic dinner, a babysitter may be needed to ensure the child’s safety while you are away.

You may have to also look into childproofing your home and remodeling a room for the child. Some barker home security systems have features such as a baby monitor so that you can keep close attention to the child while you are in another room. Another feature to be considered is an intercom system to be installed throughout the house through spring valley home security systems. Either way, the child’s safety becomes the number one priority and should be considered when remodeling a room and making a house childproof.

These are just a few reasons I would recommend thinking twice before having a child. Some people may already be prepared to take on such responsibilities, but I for one know I am not and I still have a lot to learn before I will be prepared for something like that.


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