Cute Birthday Ideas for Kids

One of the best things about being a kid is that you’re often allowed to have a lot of fun, especially on a special occasion, such as your birthday. Most of us probably remember our parents letting us do stuff they would normally frown upon on any other day, but not on our birthday.

The result of this more lenient and relaxed approach are memories that last for years. So, if you want your kids and their guests to have a whale of a time at their birthday party, you need to let them have fun and do something they wouldn’t do on a normal playdate. Below are some ideas that you might want to consider and use, depending on the type of the party you are planning, the number of guests and your budget.

Birthday Ideas for Kids

Colour all over the place

You must have heard of colour runs and seen those people having a blast in clouds of different colours. Well, if you have enough space in your yard and the weather forecast is good, there is no reason why you can’t have a similarly themed party.

Whether you buy colour powder or make your own (it’s basically coloured corn starch and recipes are available all over the internet), it’s important to let your guests know in advance that there’ll be some fun involving color powder, so that they bring some clothes that they won’t mind getting dirty. Just make sure you finish with that segment of the party as soon as possible, since it’ll take some time before clouds of powder settle down and you can help the kids get cleaned.

Camping out

Camping out

Your backyard can be used as a mini-campsite, so that the kids can have the whole party outside. They can have their s’mores and hotdogs prepared over a campfire before they enjoy a movie at your own open-air cinema, just have some clean white sheet over the fence or between two trees and a projector.

If you have enough tents, mattresses and sleeping bags, you might even let some kids spend the night out, thus letting the party run till the morning. Naturally, it all depends on what their parents say and the weather forecast.

Shaving cream mess

While water games remain popular among kids of all ages, you might want to step up your game a notch. Simply use water balloons filled with shaving cream. It’s totally messy, but so much fun!

If you don’t want everyone covered in white foam, add a touch of food paint to the balloon. The good thing is that cleaning up the mess is a breeze. Just use plain water and you’ll have all the kids clean in no time.

Carnival time

Carnival time

Everyone loves carnivals, since they are just more colourful and cheerful birthday parties. Throwing such a party doesn’t have to cost a lot, but can create fantastic memories and it can be done in your backyard or at a local park.

Use your sheets and light blankets for the booths and hang them from ropes suspended between trees. If there aren’t any conveniently located trees, you can use tent poles for example. Older kids, for example, cousins or siblings can man the booths and every kid will leave with some souvenir from a fabulous day at the fair. To make the memory last longer, you can have some custom-made calico bags, which they can take home and reuse, each time evoking memories of your party.

Mud is so much fun

This is probably not the best idea for everyone, but those who are brave enough and able to pull it off could easily be rewarded with the time of their life. Create an obstacle course with old car tyres, straw bales, etc. and make sure you don’t forget to make it as muddy as possible.

Kids will be falling, either by accident or deliberately, and getting dirtier and dirtier. The competitive spirit should be at the highest possible level, ensuring a wonderful time for everyone. If you can’t prepare such a course, you might want to create a mud pool and hide some plastic insects and let the kids dig them out. The result will be the same, smiles on their faces and mud everywhere.

Birthday parties don’t have to be predictable and memories of them can last a long time. How much fun everyone’s going to have depends pretty much on the organizer(s) and their imagination and readiness to leave their comfort zone. So, start thinking about your kid’s next birthday and consider making it better than all the others before.

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