Distinct Apprises Pertaining Single Men for a Wooed Date

Earlier it was proposals which are supposed to be in such a way that the guy gets down his knee and propose his girl for marriage or a long-term commitment. Older days are those precious times where we find our love of life at our high school, colleges or at places we daily get to be. But now everything is changed with the technology. We can fall in love through mobile applications; we can fix up a date over there. In fact, we fall in love with the one through the applications without even meeting them in person.

We usually have an imaginary dream girl/boy since our teenage. We never get to meet them in our life instead we get compromised with the ones we get to see. But the dating applications help us find the right match we are looking for and we can get connected to the sugar cube of our dreams.

Most of the time guys find it difficult to approach a girl for anything like proposal or even a day out. They fear that the girl might take in another sense and misunderstand him. In fact, a guy feels a way too apprehensive than a girl who tries to call opposite out for a coffee. So here are a few tips for guys to enthrall his girl with his snappy cool attitude and spiritual approach.

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Tips to have Tip-top date for loner guys

These are the things a guy has to keep on his mind for getting himself prepared for a date. The ideas will start over from how the guy calls his girl for a date. Usually, girls are sensitive by nature howsoever they might be witty or jovial, they don’t accept for a blind date. So when a guy calls a girl for a date he must be pretty cautious about what how he approaches her.

The grooming has to start from the scratch

This phase is even before a date is fixed up, as in this is a phase where the guy gets to acquire his first impression from a girl. There is a saying called “First impression is the best impression” it’s like the first impression we get to have on someone will prolong till the end of the relationship. Not being in judgmental terms but the first time where we make someone look at us should be something positive. If the girl gets impressed over the guy then it would be easy for him to move to the next level. So as far as the online dating is concerned the name you choose as your profile name is highly important.

Most probably we won’t chose a professional name as our profile name in these kinds of applications. So just sound cool a few guys would add names suffixing with their surnames like rocker, dazzler, Romeo that in fact looks too crazy and girls will find it as a big joke instead. The other side a few guys would add lonely, loner or something to depict that they have sad love failure story. That also turns off a girl at her first impression. Avoiding all this we can just shorten our name instead just to sound decent and somewhat presentable like we a name with Johnson Jeffery can be just John which would sound good.

Be realistic

When it comes to the “description of you” space given in the app we must be true and honest. Adding up cool quotes and witty quotes about life and other philosophies is fine. But when it comes to the part where you must explain yourself you should be very careful, because a girl who gets to read this shouldn’t come to a conclusion about you. The description should be in such a way that it should be very precise where you talk about yourself (strictly no to things which we boast about yourselves) and somewhat our perception of what love and life are.

Don’t take too much of time for a coffee date

Texting for days or months will make her put you into the friend zone. She will never have an idea to get to the next level. A few days after you get to know her pretty well, you can call her out for a coffee. Like the invitation should be decent and genuine. And moreover, during the time when you text her on daily basis, we need to keep the point in mind that you should not bore her at any instant. It’s because you’re new to her and once you open up a lot of your personal stories and other stuff even before she is interested in you then there are more chances for you can to get ignored also. So at the beginning is better to be precise from your side and also not to be an irritant.

Get chances while texting

Once you start to chat or text her with her on daily basis don’t be too nagging and annoying by frequently contacting her. Get a chance yourself to check over whether she is really interested in you. If she texts you when you miss to text her on someday then it’s going well. But don’t draw up a conclusion, a person who texts you daily but not one particular day will also find a reason for the text. And once you start chatting wait until she replies don’t add piles of messages in her inbox until she replies. This will surely annoy anyone who gets to put in this situation.

No-no’s to intimate chats

The intimate chat doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to talk affectionately. But it has to get a few confinements and restrictions. Getting too much into sensual topics is not advisory. Because it’s a risk factor even the female starts to initiate herself with such topics. It’s hard to pretend for a guy to get away from his limits. Beyond some extent that might also hurt the person at the opposite. So it’s better to avoid that part of talks and maintain the relationship smooth at the beginning.

Be transparent

Just to hook up with the girl we shouldn’t spin false stories or lie to her. Because girl basically has a good memory power in comparison to their opposite sex. You might have told a random story and you will surely forget about its detailing later. But once if the girl restarts to talk about the same thing you might miss out or even forget what you’ve exactly said. So to avoid such perplexed situations it’s better to be transparent and true. Ninety percent of girls like guys who are simple and smart. They don’t expect much from them rather than security and love. So being honest is also another hack to impress a girl gradually.

At the bottom

To impress someone is not a big deal and that too through social media is a piece of cake. But the idea is not just to impress the opposite gender but simultaneously grooming ourselves into a better person from both inside and physical appearance. Love and romance are part and parcel of our life. No man can skip that phase of his life if that happens to then something is gotta be incomplete in the story of his life. Such love stories will need a few tips like these to make it flawless.


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