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Now more than ever, kids have a lot more they have to do. This means, as their parents, you have a lot more to do. More homework to help with, more clubs to drop them off at and pick up, more presentations to prepare for. And this is all on top of your adult workload.

When you and your spouse are spending all your time away from work and spending it all helping your kids navigate through school, what’s happening to your relationship? Do you even remember the last time you had a date together?

Date Together

Dates are not just as important as they were before you had kids; they’re more important. Dates together help you reconnect; they give you a chance to communicate with no distractions and focus on just the two of you again. You have to turn off “mommy and daddy mode” and switch back over to “couple mode”. And while this may be hard to do, it’s easier once you find time to actually leave the house without the kids and spend time together as a couple.

Experience Gifts for ParentsThe hardest part for many couples is finding the time to go out and date again. The biggest problem is couples hear the word “date” and think that it has to be an entire night, and between the hours of 6 and 10. They forget two things;

1) you’re adults; you can literally do whatever you want, and

2) dates don’t have to take forever.

Especially after kids; you already know each fairly well, meaning you skip a lot of the awkward small talk.

Evening Out

Even if the two of you are on a significant time crunch, you can still enjoy an evening out. In fact, some can be done during the day or even after dinner but before it’s time to turn in for the night. A few ideas are:

  • Go Out for Coffee and Dessert
  • Learn Something New Together
  • Go Yuck It Up

And if you don’t have kids, but you know a couple that does, you can use these ideas to explore great gift ideas for parents.

Go Out for Coffee and Dessert

Going out for coffee and/or dessert is great for a few reasons. It allows you two to either go to your old tried-and-true restaurant choice or to go try somewhere new. Going out for these items is way less expensive than ordering an entire meal out, especially if the sweets are big enough to share. Going out for this also gives you the flexibility of going out at night or in the middle of the afternoon. And if you’re stuck on where to go, you can always use TripAdvisor’s restaurant search.

Learn Something New Together

Taking a class together not only forces you to schedule time aside to spend together; it also helps you work on a common interest. Check your community calendars as well; you may find something of interest. Painting with wine is an excellent choice for an interactive date.

Go Yuck It Up

Checking out a comedy show is always a great idea. Is there a better way to spend together than laughing? This is also a solid option to explore great gift ideas for parents with ticket searching services like Stub Hub.

Final Thought

Spending adult time is very important for mental and emotional health. This quality time is essential in maintaining healthy relationships. Next time you shop for a gift for your partner, think of getting an experience gift. An experience gift gives you both a really good excuse to hire a babysitter and do something adventurous.


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